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Awareness Through Movement ® Classes

As a class participant, you are typically lying on a mat on the floor (or sometimes sitting or standing).  I verbally guide you and others in the class through a sequence of gentle movements. These movements could be lifting and lowering an arm, rolling on your back from side to side, or just lifting your head.

Your attention is directed to how you are experiencing the movements – the sensations associated with the movements.  This awareness of how you are moving helps you to create new possibilities, often overcoming patterns or habits, possibly acquired over years, that generate tension (e.g. a stiff neck from sitting badly in front of a computer screen).  Each class focuses on a different pattern of everyday movement, or a part of the body.

The movements are small and non-strenuous.  They are designed to stimulate your nervous system, which is tuned to even tiny variations.  They foster the adoption of other, more effortless, ways of moving and performing everyday activities.




Class Schedule & Fee

Online Feldenkrais Classes

Mondays 10:30 - 11:30am 

Classes run online via Zoom at the moment. 

You can join any time.

Call me or contact me via my booking form for the link and further information


£10 per single class 





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