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What happens in a session?

In the first session, I spend time understanding what is troubling you, and what you would like from Craniosacral Therapy.  Then you lie, fully clothed, on a Craniosacral treatment table.  With your permission, I place my hands lightly on various parts of your body such as your feet, shoulders, back and spine, head (cranium) or tailbone (sacrum), holding them for a while and “listening” to your body’s subtle rhythms.


The session typically feels deeply relaxing.  During the session your body relaxes and, as I hold you, the imprints of past stresses and traumas, which often manifest themselves as ailments, may begin to dissipate.  As this happens you might experience sensations like heat or pulsation, or you might see colours or recall memories.


I will help you to observe and to become more aware of what is happening in your body.  I will ask you about your experiences during each session, and talk to you at the end of sessions about those experiences and the need for any further treatments.


Typically, it takes a few sessions for you, and your body, to dissipate the tensions and restrictions locked deep in your body.

Sessions last at least one hour and are £60. Your first session is usually longer. Concessions are available. I have a 24h cancellation policy.

Cranio Session Booking

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