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Enhancing healthy functioning through movement & gentle touch

Feldenkrais Online Group Classes
 Mondays 10.30 am

Feldenkrais and Craniosacral Therapy are very gentle and connect to the inner wisdom of our body, focusing on what is there rather than what is not there. 

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Rediscover & find ease in movement

Improve your performance

Counteract Stress

Restore fluency and ease following injury or illness, or alleviate the effects of getting older

Get better in you sports, in your singing, in your gardening or other activities you love

Set aside the tensions and pressures of a busy life

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything." - Lao Tzu



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Steve K.

After the class I noticed a large improvement in my walking gait.. its transformational


Uli M.

It helps me to listen to my inner self and feel the echos in my body to the gentle movements

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Jane C.

My issue of scoliosis benefits greatly from the senses being activated in my body during the sessions


Alessia P.

Sabine's treatments are deeply nourishing and healing. She is highly skilled and senses exactly what is that you need


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